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Trusted teams
drive success.

Not just technology. 

We bridge the gap between them.

We Help Improve Project Outcomes.

We see what others don't.We connect you to resources that deliver.We help you build successful teams through trust.

We see what others don’t, and connect you to resources that deliver.


We help you reduce execution risk and deliver the expected outcomes with our OE services. We provide project management services from initiation to value realization. We work with your teams and strategic partners to deliver solutions that meet your objectives. We increase user satisfaction by ensuring the final solution meets business needs.

With our finance and operations experience, we work with you to build a business case by identifying qualitative and quantitative benefits from your investments. Our knowledge of project execution can identify potential gaps in your project estimates. We can help define the what, why, and how for your investments.

Business Case


Our experience in regulatory recovery – from filing for pre-approvals to supporting the rate recovery process – helps our clients define a strategy that aligns their customer’s and investors’ interests. We can help you develop an outreach plan and a regulatory strategy to improve your stakeholders’ outcomes.

We help companies establish Transformation Management offices to ensure tech-enabled transformations achieve their goals.

  • Ensure portfolio of investments enable realization of benefits and commitments to stakeholders.
  • Serve as liaison between business and IT SMEs to ensure results and scope management.
  • Act as both a coach and taskmaster on standard KPIs to give clear credibility.
  • Serve as traffic control and ensure all workstreams track to the same goal.
  • Track and report progress against commitments.
  • Provide subject matter expertise on industry best practices and trends to foster progress and benefits realization.



It’s easy to understand what’s changing, it’s harder to get people excited about it.

Our approach to change adoption involves gaining trust from those employees most impacted by the changes and getting their assistance in leading the change. We learn about your business and how change impacts your front-line employees. We get them engaged and excited about the change by listening to them, gaining their feedback and input, and bringing them along the project journey. 

We perform stakeholder assessments and develop a change management strategy appropriate for the level of change and impact on your organization. 

We help you develop training plans and evaluate various modalities to deliver the appropriate level of training to the employees preparing for process changes and new tools.

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